Bag Stitching Thread

Potato bag stitching thread designed specifically for sewing closed your potato sacks but also perfect stitching twine  for sewing closed carrot bags and other industrial sacks too. Formerly stitching cotton was used, but now days the string is produced from polyester 4 ply strands which gives very high strength and high breaking strain. Our polyester thread comes ready lightly oiled. This is in order to reduce friction when used on a high speed electric hand stitchers or fast automated stitching machines, making your sewing satisfyingly strait forward and without hiccups. Bag stitching thread which is not oiled will literally cause much friction during your sewing process and could lead to fraying and then the possibility of snagging,  which inevitably leads to the breakages. Indeed if your stitching cotton has less breaking strength then this will increase the chances of your strands breaking. All in all the aforementioned perils of course need to be avoided, otherwise it will be at best annoying and a certain time and money waster too. 

Our polyester thread is very popular and cost effective twine successfully used by farmers, vegetable pack houses and industries alike. 

Commonly used to sew closed thick paper bag types, such as 2 or 3 ply potato bags or for carrot and parsnip bags. Also utilised for stitching closed onion nets as well as other root vegetable bags. By all means taking advantage of this strong polyester thread, we offer this to be used for a wide variety of stitching machine processes which demand an extra strong sewing thread. 

Each polyester cone is supplied with an inner core produced of plastic or cardboard. These cores are not in the cost per kg, thus you will be paying for net weight of polyester tread only, in effect making the cores free of charge.

 5kg  cones and 200 gram bobbins available