Builders Sand Bags

Large bags for sand,  gravel  bags and rubble bags circa 0.70 cubic metre with external dimensions of 90x90x90cm. Sometimes misconstrued as square metre bags.  These bulk sand bags are excellent cost effective option and commonly used as dumpy bags for aggregates such as sand, shingle and stones by builders merchants and builders alike. 

Certified as  1 ton bags in essence meaning the sacks can safely easily withstand a surprising lifted contents weight of 1 tonne. Indeed  with a safety factor ratio (SF) of 5:1 these will withstand 5 time that weight (5 tons) before breaking, however we strongly recommend to use safely with no more that 1 ton ! 

These sacks are also very versatile making useful bags for industrial waste,  production off cuts and landscaping products as well as waste too. Indeed taking advantage of their versatility they are just great for a wide variety of other products and by-products. Manufactured from very strong woven PP (polypropylene) they are supplied with plain sides and bottom incorporating ultraviolet protection, offering the advantage of longer life in the outdoor UV elements. 

All our polypropylene bulk bags come with  four lifting loops which are essential for lifting with hydraulic equipment. Otherwise without this equipment and a lighter load content,  it is possible using the straps as handles to drag the large bags a short distance. However it is not advised to drag large sand bags on hard rough surfaces, as this may create an unwanted holes even though the bags are very tough! 

For your convenience all sacks are available in stock for a fast despatch 

Bag specification: 

Plain sides and plain base PP (polypropylene) builders sand  bag,  UV stable with four 30 cm lifting loops, 90x90x90cm external size (0.73 m3),  1 ton safe working load.