Carrot Nets

Carrot bags. Available in a range of different sizes to suit your needs for carrot net bags and parsnip bags.

Carrot nets are a great cost effective packaging option for selling and transporting stock feed horse carrots.

Knitted or raschel carrot nets are a very popular and cost effective choice. On the other hand, maybe choose a stronger net, such as woven carrot nets. Also known as leno carrot bags. Woven net bags will hold their shape well,  indeed their robust mesh will easily resisting tearing.

A good choice of colours available include the ever popular orange and red. As well as other colours if you prefer.

After using the carrot bags, as a bonus why not reclaim them and use them again?  Thus saving money, surely  most of us like to save money where we can ?  Indeed as an extra bonus these mesh bags can double up and have other uses too. Such as for bagging fuelwood or onions.

Unlike paper or plastic bags, all our carrot nets come with a very useful  tie string for easy and strait forward sack closure. In general they are all readily available from our stock.

What sack size shall I choose for carrots ?  

We have various sizes of carrot bags available large and small. Such as our most popular net bags for carrots,  the 42x50cm knitted bags. Generally bagged full with around 10kg of carrots.  Following on to the  next size up our 46x57cm. Also popular  with full capacity around 12kg. Typically both sizes are usually sold for stock feed carrots or parsnips.


Carrot bags for sale !

With tough sales competition out there in the horse feed carrots sector, we note it can be tough to be compete and make sales. For that reason perhaps you could consider using 10kg size carrot nets as opposed to 12kg?  As a result with this smaller bag you could offer a more appealing reduced retail price to your customers ? Thus you could increase your carrot sack sales. On the other hand if your customers like value for money, maybe use larger carrot nets instead?  However in this case make sure they are aware they are getting more weight of carrots and parsnips. Chiefly more than what's offered by “joe bloggs down the road".   Further more, maybe going to the extent show the weight of your carrot nets on a set of luggage scales! 

We would advise good sack display at all times. Since this could be vital to secure new custom and of course carrot sacks sales. We note that most consumers who buy bagged carrots would rather see full 10kg nets rather than a  part filled 12kg nets. Even though in actual fact there is the same amount of  carrots (10kg) in each bag. 

An example of very good display, coupled with what looks to be great value of netted carrots. Typically is when the bag seems to be over full. As such the top of the bag can not close fully.  Thus the tied drawstrings appears to be under strain, since the carrots look like they are bursting out the top.