Cubic Metre Log Bags

Cubic metre Log bags for firewood. Also Half metre cube bulk bags

Our Cubic metre log bags are vented therefore well suitable for your firewood.

These bulk log bags offer various flexible other usages too. Typically making very handy large bags to contain other products. Most notably turf,  rubble, compost or just lighter items such as garden leaves.

These Big bags for logs offer you ease of convenience. Mainly due to the fact that when filled they are perfectly suited for storage & transportation.

Featuring vents these large sacks allow some air to circulate around your firewood within. Therefore reducing moisture and the onset of mould while keeping your wood fuel neatly contained.

Reassuringly these bulk log bags are made from very strong woven polypropylene material. As a result they are Certified as ton bags. Furthermore relax in the sunshine with the knowledge they are UV stable too. Thus avoiding disappointment of premature disintegration in the sun's rays. 

Finally all our bulk bags are complete with four lifting corner loops. Thus allowing hydraulic equipment to lift them with ease. Similarly our 1m cube bags with mosquito net sides have the addition of four bottom tipping loops too. Likewise located at each corner making life much easier to allowing emptying. Again tipping is done with the use of  hydraulic lifting forks or similar. 


1 tonne / 1000kg safe working load  |  Ultraviolet protection  |  Four lift loops

Reinforced hem at mouth  |  Complies with ISO 21898  |  5:1 safety factor


We do not send out free samples of bulk log bags, generally as a rule. However it is possible to buy a single bag or small quantities.

All certified to 1 ton. Popular sizes available from stock all with four lifting loops:

Type 1 - Common big bag - Plain sides not vented.  Bulk bag 90x90x90cm  

Type 2 - Half cubic metre bag - Vented log bags. Airstrip sides 80x80x80cm

Type 3 - Cubic metre bags - Vented bulk bag.  Airstrip sides 95x95x100 cm

Type 4 - 1 metre cube bags - Vented big bags. 2 sides mosquito mesh plus 2 side airstrip 87x110x100cm plus tipping loops.

Type 5 - Portable handy bags - Plain sides not vented. Mini bulk bag with velcro shower cover 50x50x90cm

External measurements are quoted above.

Immediate despatch all available from stock .