Garden Bags

Bags for leaves and grass, sticks, branches and soil  plus other  garden waste too. Also very handy bags for compost, stones & shingle as well as making very convenient bags for your  wood chip  and  saw dust.  Our Garden bags are made from very strong industrial grade woven  polypropylene (PP).  Rest assured unlike lesser type garden waste bags, ours are UV protected, therefore lasting for long periods outdoors without the annoyance of disintegration. Disintegration will of course lead to the demoralising task of having to refill new garden bags. Usually in sunny weather this will happen not too many weeks after purchase! 

Our garden waste bags are reinforced and very robust, having the advantage of resisting  rips or tears. Thus offering you the avoidance of frustration and time of having to clear up the inevitable spillage with of course that extra effort of re-bagging the contents too!

With the use of the four top loops these garden sacks have great versatility too. For example our  small garden bags for sale can be physically lifted up with a pair (or two) of strong arms, however this of course will depend the the contents weight. Further more and again via the  useful and strong top loops,  these garden waste sacks can be dragged by hand over soft or smooth surfaces. Ultimately if  the filled garden sacks becomes too heavy to lift by hand,  you have the option to hoist them up with the use of a suitable hydraulic machine, this is true for both available sizes. In the process believe it or not these garden sacks will withstand an astonishing content weight of 1 tonne – A true testament to their strength ! 


A choice of two sizes as follows:

Garden Bags - 46x46x87cm  (internal size)

Mini bulk bags - 87x87x89cm  (internal size)  

Our small garden bags can be moved easily with a sack barrow and come complete with a useful fixed top flap which can be closed with its velcro type edge. This top flap will stop the wind blowing leaves from the bag, also it makes a good cover during light rain. 

Minimum order is one garden bag, however there is quantity discounting for more.