Kindling Bags

Our kindling bags for sale are just perfect bags for kindling or sticks. They allow excellent ventilation.  Equally so for plain net bags or ones with labels. As well as net bags for kindling we can offer firewood log nets too. All  kindling net bags we supply are very useful drawstring type bags. Each with a pull cord enabling convenient and easy sack closure.

Kindling Nets – 3 x netting bag types available

To tailor your specific needs we can humbly boast a selection of different types of net bags. This includes leno bags or woven nets. Our leno woven bags are very robust and do not stretch. Not like some other types of mesh nets.

Overcoming  your snagging issues we would urge you to consider our fine mesh monofilament bags. Firewood will slide in the bags’s netting and be bagged easily. A great option eradicating the frustration of wood catching and hanging in the mesh.

A really nice bonus with monofilament nets is they clearly display your kindling sticks. Showing through the sack in a semi-transparent manner (see picture of mono fine mesh below).  Your customers and the consuming public can clearly see what’s in the net bag. A really good way to present your product. Due to the tiny mesh size of monofilament bags, they have another useful advantage.  Preventing annoying small wood particles dropping through the fine mesh. Certainly not dropping onto your customers clean floors . Surely for your best consumers that will never do?



We also offer the more cost effective option of raschel bags. Also known as knitted nets. This is a stretchy type of netting bag which requires a more gentle approach while handling. With knitted bags we would strongly advise using a filling aid. Such as a sleeve or shoot device. This will prevent chopped wood snagging on the bag’s mesh netting while filling.

Bags for kindling – Which Size ?

Choose from a vast selection of colours and sizes. Including our ever popular sizes 27x35cm, 32x48cm, 40x50cm, 45x60cm.  All in our stock,  ready available for fast despatch.  

Often we are asked  “what size do people normally use” or “what’s the most common size” for kindling? I can point out that typically our customers purchase kindling bags around half the capacity of their log bags.  However this is not by all means always the case. What’s the likely influencing factor for a choice of  kindling net bags sizes? The requirement or preference of your own customers. This in turn is influenced by the preference of the end user or general public. Occasionally our customers like to choose the same size bags for kindling wood as they do for logs. Sometimes just having a change of mesh colour to differentiate the logs nets from the kindling bags.

Size selection can be governed simply by the filling equipment at your disposal. Such as your filling chute has a fixed width or circumference. This critically restricts your kindling net choice to a size larger than your chute.

Kindling nets - Why use net bags and not plastic bags ?

A valid question which deserves a detailed answer:

a) Moisture

Most importantly the mesh on all net bags allows the firewood logs to “breathe”. Put it in another term, allow evaporating moisture to exit through the bag's mesh netting.  With most plastic polythene bags any evaporating moisture will not be able to escape. This is true for closed weave polypropylene bags too. Moisture stays trapped inside bag. In a short period of time this will show itself as unsightly mist and water beads. This shows on the inside of poly bags. It's really not good for presentation. This will have  a negative effect on your firewood sales for sure.

b) Strength

Our firewood net sacks are made to withstand at the least all the usual stresses. Such as the abuse one would normally expect during the bagging and handling process. Indeed with our woven nets their strength easily exceed requirements for logs and kindling. Yet still keeping prices easily affordable. Our net bags are far stronger than plastic bags of a similar price. This is due to construction techniques including mesh weave, materials and thickness.

c) Cost

The prices we offer are variable depending on size and mesh type you choose. Taking into account the above mentioned assets of netting bags. You will still be relieved to discover that all our nets are a cost effective. Especially for bagging kindling wood and firewood.

kindling bags-woven-mesh