Log Net Bags

Net bags for logs and firewood

Log net bags are ideal as they offer excellent ventilation for the firewood within the nets. We offer Log netting bags for sale in plain format or with labels. Also a great choice of other types of bags for logs and kindling too.

This includes an array of nets in many sizes and colours to suit your requirements. Starting from tiny 20x27cm woodfuel bags. Up a vast range including the ever popular 45x60cm size, right through to the largest log sacks at 60x85cm. We supply all netting bags with handy pull cords or a tie strings enabling easy sack closure.


Log net bags – Large Choice

We have a large choice of log net bags all available in stock. Three mesh types for sale:


Woven / Leno

Woven nets which can be referred to as string bags or leno bags. These are generally our customer’s preferred and  best choice when it comes to bags for logs.  Compared to other types of netting bags these are very strong. Consequently they tend to hold their shape well.



Alternatively a good cost effective option are the knitted nets.  However it’s worth noting with knitted bags,  while filling them the mesh netting on these will tend to stretch. Thus ending  up a slightly larger size net bag than than originally. A small size allowance is advised when choosing.


Monofilament – (Fine mesh)

Or perhaps consider these great alternatives .  For making life a lot easier for yourself try the fine netting of monofilament log net bags.  The mesh netting on these are great to avoid the firewood from snagging whilst filling. The fine mesh of  monofilament netting has the exclusive bonus of displaying the wood through the mesh easily. Therefore showcasing your firewood very well. Also the added bonus of stopping much of those annoying loose particles from falling through. Thus avoiding mess on your customer’s clean floors or carpets !

  • All available in many sizes and colours for each type and  all with drawstring or tie string.
  • To avoid the frustration of  the mesh netting breaking down due to the sun’s UV rays. Choose UV stable firewood bags. We can supply you with ultraviolet protected net sacks. A very wise choice option.
  • There is a decent selection of colours to choose from, all readily available in our stock for immediate despatch.

“How heavy are those log net bags ?

The weight contained in a specific size of net bag depends firstly on the type of  firewood being bagged. Secondly the moisture content of the logs . For example our popular 45x60cm woven nets we expect a full capacity to be around 7kg of dry softwood. Similarly dry hardwood in this size one can expect around 10kg if packed in tightly. If you are unsure of the size you require,  please ask or request free samples.

“Which log net bags size should I choose ?”

There is a lot of confusion as to what size of net bag are best for logs. Indeed your question of “which size of bag should I choose for sales of my logs” ? Should you be in any doubt maybe we can shed some light for you.  First and foremost consider your customer’s needs and preference. For example a large log net bag  say 52x85cm (20kg ) is just too heavy for some customers to physically lift up.

Large sacks will also make it a little tricky to fit in someone’s car boot. It may already be half full  (or like mine always topped full of  junk) ? For many of our customers a smaller and very common 46x60cm or 46x65cm (10kg nets) is more easily manageable. This size should fit in most car boots (or as with me,  in the passenger’s foot well). You’ll find that most petrol station forecourts will offer bagged logs in or around this very popular size.

Selling Log sacks – Know your competition

Are you competing against sales of log net bags at your local garage? If so, you might like to offer a package that differs from theirs ? Maybe a better value package to your customers. Such as netted bags which you can boast are larger than the common size? For example upsize to say our 47x70cm or 48x78cm log sacks.  Or perhaps consider offering a cheaper deal than what’s locally on offer? Thus choosing a slightly smaller bag than most.  For example such as our 42x58cm woven nets? 

So to summarise,  some consideration, investigation and home work could pay dividend. Incidentally the smallest log net bags which our customers order? Tend not to be smaller than our 42x58cm woven nets.  Simularly 40x60cm in  mono fine mesh bags or 42x52cm in knitted bags. However on a minor note we supply 40x50cm monofilament bags for logs at a holiday campsite. One can assume in this instance that not many logs are required for a short weekend break.


Firewood nets with the addition of bespoke bands* -  A  good way to advertise your company or brand to generate repeat business, your customers will never forget where they purchased the bag of logs from.

*Subject to minimum order quantity starting at 10,000 firewood bags and lead time, starting from 6 weeks only or more cost effective options from 4 – 6 months.