Log Nets with toggle ties

Log net bags with quick closure ties

These log nets for firewood will save much precious time, therefore making your task of filling the nets much more satisfying.

Filling these leno woven net bags in the usual manor, now close it in one swift easy action !  By simply draw down the toggle on the net's drawstring . Closing these netting bags takes a fraction of the time, comparing the time wasted tying off standard drawstring net bags. Further more now the net bag is closed, the toggle cannot slide back. Thus the bag is now securely shut until you cut through the drawstring or smashes the toggle allowing the bag to open. The cleverly designed plastic toggle is designed move only one way.

Log Nets : 1 The toggle tie

1) Log Nets - The toggle drawstring

Log Nets : 2 - Sliding toggle towards closed position

2) Log Nets - Sliding up the toggle

Log Nets : 3 - Closed position

3) Logs Nets - Closed & Secured

Woven 45x60 cm leno net bags

Offering these very handy log nets in the very popular leno mesh / woven mesh, now in stock size 45x60cm. Also popular mesh colour choice of orange or dark green only.  Adding to our large range of netting bags, including these special woven nets all readily available from our stock.

Selling in quantities of 100pcs, 500pcs or 1,000pcs

Net bag sample

Prefer to try before committing to buy?

Simply request a free net bag sample here : FREE SAMPLE

If it is the “Toggle” log net sample you require, then please be sure to mention “TOGGLE” in your sample request.

Bespoke net bags

If you like the toggle bag idea but require a different size, this is possible with minimum order of 10,000pcs and a lead time of 4 – 6 months.

Please enquire via our contact web page Contact Us or better still calling Ian on Tel: 01359 242910 . Indeed please call if you have any other questions at all?

Log nets for sale

Alternatively if the 4- 6 months lead time is too long, we have other net sacks types ready available in stock suitable for logs ,   kindling ,   vegetables or shellfish .

All available for immediate despatch. Net bags include types such as woven / leno, knitted / raschel or monofilament / mono.

Log net bags : Orange and Green

45x60 cm Orange and Green