Net Bags

Netting bags for vegetables or indeed we offer net bags to satisfy most of your produce packing needs. Such as shellfish bags, pumpkin bags, cabbage nets, leek nets, brussel sprout nets. Also beetroot, swede and other vegetable nets.

Also with these cost effective net sacks,  we can offer you different types of mesh net bags.

For example our popular woven net bags, or leno bags which are strong and non stretch. By and large similar to string bags, they will avoid any disappointment of the netting tearing or sagging.

Whereas our raschel nets or knitted bags, these are soft to touch and will tend to stretch when filling.

Lastly but by no means least,  monofilament bags, which incorporate fine mesh. Subsequently perfect to contain small items such as nuts for instance.  As well as the advantage of proudly showing off your best produce through it's mesh netting.

Additionally should you need to load netted bags onto pallets, or have limited storage space? Under those circumstances all our  netting bags are good for stacking, in either case full or empty.  Equally important is to point out that all are with a drawstring,  tie string or toggle tie closure.  To conclude choose from the useful versatility of plain net bags direct from our stock.


Handy option of  suitable sizes from stock  available. Such as 1kg 2kg 3kg 4kg 5kg 10kg  20kg and 25kg bags. With our largest net sacks to suit circa 30kg.


In the event that you've not seen the size or colour or specification you require?  In this case we have a handy and flexible service where we can offer bespoke net bags. Such as a bespoke size and for the most part, a colour that your require.

Or maybe you have or are considering your own brand? Subsequently stand out from your competitors, thus advertising with your own bespoke branded labelled nets* .

  • In this case a minimum order quantity is required with a production lead time. Regardless please ask us we will be happy to offer free advise without any obligation.

Consider a point often overlooked when choosing the size of nets you require.  In essence depending of the type vegetables or fruit being netted,  there is often variation in the produce’s weight. By and large due mainly to density and equally by the same token the amount of water in the produce. Consequently this will effect the weight and therefore the size of bag required.  For instance, such as a full netted bag of onions or carrot.  By comparison being significantly heavier than bagged brussel sprouts,  in spite of being the exact same net bag.

Thus size selection can be critical, especially when a full net is desired with an exact amount of weight. In any case if you are unsure of the size you require,  please feel free ask or request samples.


Our net bags are available in  three mesh types and a selection of sizes for each type,  all with drawstring or tie string to enable you to easily draw the net bag closed. Many net sack  sizes and colours available from stock as follows: 

Knitted nets

20x27cm green, orange (1kg)                           

27x35cm dark green, orange (2-3kg)

32x48cm dark green, orange, yellow

42x50cm orange (10kg)

46x57cm many colours (12kg)

48x57cm white, orange, green/white

46x59cm dark green (13kg)

49x69cm dark green

55x70cm dark green

53x75cm dark green (20kg)

57x76cm dark green (25kg)

Woven nets

30x46cm (miss prints) yellow                                     

42x58cm dark green, orange (10kg)

46x60cm red, orange, yellow, green (12kg)

44x64cm violet (12kg)

46x65cm dark green

47x70cm green, orange

48x78cm orange, green

50x80cm orange (20kg)

52x85cm orange, dark green, red (25kg)

60x85cm orange, brown (30kg) 

Monofilament nets

20x27cm green or orange (1kg) 

27x35cm red, green, orange, yellow

38x41cm green

40x50cm red, green

40x60cm green

46x60cm green

50x70cm green

For example, the weight specified in brackets are to point out a typical amount of onions or carrots in a full net sack.