Onion Bags


Onion bags for sale to suit most of your needs for onion sacks.  Chiefly plain onion net bags or the option to have printed bands or labels. Also making life simple for you, these type of  “string bags“ can double up. Indeed use  them for garlic or  flower bulbs. In addition they can also make strong mesh bags for firewood and logs too. 

Supplies of various types of onion netting bags. Indeed we stock  woven, leno, knitted and monofilament fine mesh onion bags. 

Also a large selection of size options for you to choose from. For instance 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg and 25kg onion nets. Typically all ex stock and readily available for fast dispatch or pick up.

Likewise nets available for various root veg too. Such as carrots, swedes, as well as other vegetable netting bags as you require.


Onion Nets

When it comes to life span of onion net bags, indeed with any net bags produced from plastic material; There is good news and some bad news. Certainly if your onion sacks are stored away from any sunlight they should last for a very long time. In this case that's the good news, on the other hand the bad news? 


First let us start with the worst offender, ultraviolet rays (UV). Of course many of us love those scarce sunny days in the UK. However beware, those few days of sunlight will in fact still degrade and and make the net's mesh weak. By all means in a very short amount of time.  Indeed in some bright summer days you may be surprised to find mesh break down happen moreover in as little as a month or two. By and large first sight of this is a kind of  bleaching effect.  For instance areas of your onion bags which have faced the sun's rays. In short this will show up as lighter shades of netting.


Secondly but to a lesser extent, netting bags can make a very comfy warm nesting pad. Henceforth for Mr & Mrs Mouse and family. Of course not to forget their cousins,  the free loading rat clan. Of course in an ideal world nesting small mammals in onion net bags is all very sweet. However in reality those cute little goofy teeth really will cut and burrow. Thus make a nesting hole in a bale of nets with no thought at all.  Not to mention our naive little friends do not bother to use the great outdoor toilet.  In short a small costly pain! 

The fix

With this in mind, we advise storing any net bags empty or full:  Firstly and without doubt  away from sunlight, especially direct sunlight. Indeed if at all possible keep your net bags in the shade or under cover. However if  this is not able to be done, in other words there's  no getting away from sunlight. In this case consider the option of  UV stable onion sacks?  Secondly and in the same way to prevent vermin nesting in the bags. Consider storing them in a sealed unit such as a large hard box or likewise a container? At the same time this stops the sunlight problem too !

Onion nets* with the option of  bands or printed labels is a very good way to showcase your brand. Indeed a great way to stand out from the crowd. Equally just simply to mark your company's details on the onion bags.

*Subject to minimum order quantity starting at 10,000 pcs. With a lead time from 6 weeks only.

Chiefly for you to attain the most cost effective branded onion net bags,  we suggest our Far Eastern produced onion bags. As such we advise for you to plan well ahead for these. Since a typical lead time of 4 to 6 months is required. On the other hand should  you need a bespoke order far sooner? Then  indeed a faster turn around is offered with  European supplied onion sacks.  Thus avoiding a tricky situation with a typical turn around time of only 6 to 8 weeks from order.