Pallet Net Bags

Pallet netting bag for 1 cubic metre bulk load offering you the best ventilation to allow your firewood logs to season while keeping your firewood stable on the pallet. You will find these are excellent alternative to vented bulk bags  because they will allow that extra air circulation for firewood seasoning,  reducing the chances of unsightly mould growth and unwanted mildew & moisture retention in your fuelwood . Pallet nets are widely used and are very popular in Scandinavian countries where they sure have plenty of  logs and plenty of moisture to rid too!


Instruction Guide

Fill the net with logs or firewood with  the helpful aid of a metal frame* which will support your log load as pictured above. The metal frame also allows the suspension of the netting  to then enable you to fill the net with firewood logs. Once the pallet netting is filled,  the top and bottom drawstrings are pulled up as much as you desire. The frame can then be removed and used for the assembly of your next metre cube log load. You should find it quite an efficient operation once you have mastered the process as per our Nordic friends certainly seem to have. 

* The metal frame you use would normally have hinged corners to allow your frame to unfold from the completed full pallet load of logs and then there after you would continuously use it  for each following netted pallet load.

  • Specification: 1 cubic metre volume, leno woven mesh pallet net 384cm circumference x 135cms high,
  • UV stable mesh with open top and open bottom plus  2 x drawstrings  incorporated within the mesh (1 x pull cord at the top and 1 x pull cord at the bottom) 
  • Suitable for use with a 80x120cm Euro pallet** (**not supplied )
  • Each of the nets incorporates open strong woven weave mesh construction, which will give you the ventilation for seasoning logs
  • The net resists the lateral forces only and will not suspend the weight of logs (only the vented bulk bags we offer can do this). 
  • The  net must be used on a pallet, as this supports the load and acts as the base. 
  • The pull cords on the net are there to be pulled just enough to stop the logs from spilling out from the top or bottom.