Pallet Netting Wrap

Used for a variety of net wrapping uses such as pallet wrap netting for turf rolls, log bags, or food products and produce. Rest assured certified for use with food produce and as such a great choice for palletised onions or wheels of cheese to name but a few. This top quality net wrap is your perfect choice to allow your palletised produce to be very well ventilated due to the netting's relatively large mesh size and at the same time holding your wrapped goods together securely on the pallet. 

Our popular pallet netting  has an unusual advantage with it's special elastic type properties, allowing stretch of up to 15%. Thus wrapping process can be done under tension easier and tighter than with standard net wrap, therefore needing less wrap material to achieve secure pallet load status. Again due to the helpful aid of its elasticity it will take less labour time to wrap palletized goods and still when your goods arrive at your customers everything will be in excellent presentable fashion. All with the piece of mind  knowing your product will not be rejected due to mildew or any mould build up at any unexpected time !


 As well as the netting wrap being used for securing palletised products that need excellent air circulation it can also be used around  other palletised items such as boxes, sacks or bulk items. 

If a netting wrap sample is required we would highly recommend  the purchase of one roll in order to allow at least a satisfactory pallet net wrapping test. In this way one can then appreciate the total netting strength and mesh ability when used correctly. We can supply you with a free short sample piece approx a  metre or two,  but this will not show the netting's capability. Often you will find the small sample piece of netting will be too short to be of any use. As well as not being fixed to the correct cardboard hand roll, a small sample is unable to be utilised in a satisfactory trial and will often lead to the wrong impression and incorrect assumptions.

Semi transparent / white net wrap, hand rolls in stock 750mx0.50m each