Pallet Stretch Wrap

Our cling film wrap for pallets has the perfect combination where the pallet wrap is strong as well as being stretchy. This allows your pallet wrapping to be done with less fuss than when using lesser shrink wrap types. Therefore saving you precious time, money and any frustration of the film wrap tearing too easily during  shrink wrapping sessions. 

In the industry often referred to as blown stretch wrap,  our pallet cling film is produced using the blown extrusion type process. A major advantage of our blown cling film wrap is it will withstand larger forces when compared to thinner film wrap or cast types. Our cling film pallet wrap has the ability to allow a long but  resistful stretch, enabling you to do a tight pallet wrapping process without the cling film tearing easily. Also our cling film wrap has very good elasticity to help you secure loads to a pallets as well as helping to allow coverage of sharp or jagged palletised items without tearing too easily. All rolls are offered to you with a tacky surface texture allowing  good bonding to your last pallet wrap cycle. You will be able be note from the sticky cling film the rather noisy process as the film unreels from the roll during your pallet wrapping session, a reassuring testament to the good amount of sticky on the cling film rolls. 


Within our warehouse for our own palletised items, we will only use our high quality reels.  This is mainly because we have noted ourselves that it is always false economy when using lesser quality pallet shrink wraps.  In cases of using lesser quality pallet films reels, it will often lead to frustration and disappointment when you discover the stretch film is either not strong enough, tears too easily or is not tacky enough to stick to the last wrap cycle. This then begs the question - will your valuable palletised products arrive with your customers in secure and presentable fashion as you intended? Indeed not the nightmare scenario of an unravelled mess with the possibility items fallen off and gone astray, not to mention the added headache of your annoyed customer ?  We advise why waste time and why would you take any risk with your valuable product and the custom of your highly valued customers?

Our stretch film is produced from high quality LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene).

Sticky clear  wrap rolls from stock  300mx0.4m and 17mu thick on extended cores -suited for application by hand.

Supplied in boxes of 6 rolls of pallet stretch wrap, however minimum order is a single pallet wrap roll with quantity price discount for more rolls.