Barrow Bags

Small rubble bags or small bulk bags for logs are a very handy sized mini bulk bags and relatively easy to cart around with a sack barrow and hence the name. Mini bulk sacks are also great for logs and firewood as well as making  handy garden waste bags. Other versatile uses include loading, carting and transport of sand, rubble, ballast, soil or turf .

Much smaller than their larger cousins the builders bags indeed approx quarter size, making the small rubble bags we offer much more portable and manageable than most small bulk bags. These handy bags have the advantage of allowing you versatility in close quarters such a tight alleys between the front of a customer's house through to the rear.

 Although relatively small our barrow bags are incredibly strong, each confirmed by a load certification of up to a very surprising heavy 1 ton! Made with robust woven  polypropylene sides these strong sacks can easily withstand the pressures brought about by logs, bricks, sticks, stones and rubble. As well as rough or heavy objects, these of course will also hold any softer or smoother items you may care to mention. These mini bulk bags are UV protected which will ensure they will last outdoors in the elements for far longer than all non ultraviolet protected barrow bags.


For your convenience a handy velcro type hood flap is incorporated at the top of each small bulk bag.  In the closed position it will reducing dust  particles being blown around on a windy day as well as help to protect when caught in a light rain shower. 

For your safety these barrow bags are rated for a single trip use of 1 ton load, single use because of the stresses and strain 1 ton could inflict on this mini bulk bag. In reality when used for logs and most other products including rubble, this heavy weight is never realised, even with a full rubble bag. Because in most cases the bag has not been under heavy stresses consumers will often use the mini bulk bags many times over. However a note of advice, to avoid making holes in the polypropylene canvas sides we advise against dragging  the mini bulk sacks  across abrasive surfaces such as concrete or tarmac if at all possible.

Bag Specification: 

Plain white sides and base, woven PP mini bulk bag,  UV stable with four 30cm lifting loops plus velcro type shower cover, 50x50x90cm external size (47x47x90cm internal size or 0.20 m3)